Ski and snowboard goggles are a very important part of your ski and snowboard gear. If you can't see where you are going then you are in trouble! With hundreds of goggles online, Oz Extreme can help you find the snow goggle that suits all your requirements and budget.

The popular brands in snow goggles are Anon, SPY, ELECTRIC, Von Zipper. Within these popular brands, there are a great variety of lens shapes, lens colours and frame types. Anon are using magnets in a few models for their lenses and MFI face masks, while however the most important thing in your goggles is how they fit your face. Getting the correct fit will make more difference than any feature as if cold air is getting in a
gap next to your nose, all the features in the world won't make a difference.

Dual, switchable or interchangeable lens' are very popular with advanced skiers and snowboarders as it means you can change the lens to suit the conditions and you have a spare lens in your ski jacket in case one gets snow in it. The Anon M2, M3 and WM1, are all popular models in this category. Although more expensive than a goggle that comes with only one lens, they can come with a hard case and are much cheaper than buying a single lens goggle + spare lens + hard case.

There are many 'large' snow goggles now that look more like an aircraft pilot’s helmet. These look very cool and can suit some people but others may run into trouble when pairing the goggle with a helmet. Finding a helmet - goggle combination that works is almost as important and finding the right shaped goggle. This is why some people buy them at the same time or bring your helmet along when choosing the goggle.

Why do goggles fog and how do I stop it from happening?

Having your goggles fog is one of the most frustrating things you can deal with up on the hill.

It always seems to happen when it’s least helpful… Even on the sunniest of days, you can end up being unable to see anything in front of you.

Choosing a high-grade goggle with anti-fogging technologies definitely help. Employing anti-fog coatings, highly ergonomic vents, double lenses or fused lenses increase the chance you’ll have a fog free day!

Aside from differing brand technologies, there are a few extra things you can do to help get the most out of your goggle and prevent fogging.

To remove snow from your goggle, always make sure you shake it off.

Wiping the snow off with your glove might scratch the delicate anti-fog film and compromise its ability to disperse moisture.

Always try and keep your vents clear!

Make sure there’s always enough clearance to allow fresh air to come into the goggle and circulate the moisture.

Never ever ever put your goggles on your head or helmet… They’ll fog! The transition between the warm and cold air so quickly will flare up fogging.

Always keep moving! Ripping down the hill increases air flow, so keep those laps going!